FAQ's Kindergarten & Preschool

FAQ’s Kindergarten & Preschool

How can I apply to BCS?

Families interested in sending their children to Berlin Cosmopolitan School should complete the online application form. On our website under “Admissions” tab you will find more details. Click “Apply Here” for instructions on how to complete the form.  

What are the procedures & requirements when applying to BCS?

Once an application is completed, you will receive an email regarding login information. Utilizing your personal login information, you solely, can stay informed on the status of your application. Berlin Cosmopolitan School is only able to accept completed applications with all required documents.

  • Photo of applicant (face image only in a Jpeg or JPN format)

If applicable, you may also need to upload a proof of sole custody document (translated in English or Geman).

You can also start the application process, save and continue later if you do not have all required documents. You must complete the first page in order to receive your login credentials.

As of which age does BCS accept children?

Children must be at least 1 year old before starting in our Early Years Programme. Please understand, that applications from parents with unborn children will not be accepted. Kindly submit an online application after the birth of your child.

How are the groups structured?

We structure our groups by age. If your child is born in October, November or December, they are required to join the next years’ age group, (for example a child born in November 2017, placed in 2018 group).

What is the difference between Kindergarten & Preschool?

Children between the ages of 1 and 4 will join the Kindergarten. 5 year old children will be in our Preschool for one year before they start Primary school.

What happens after I submit the online application?

Once everything is complete, you will receive a confirmation email stating that you have applied to BCS. A link will also be provided, so you can login and access your personal status page. Here you can review all details on your application. Your personal ID & password, allows you to follow up on your admission status at any time.

How long is the waiting list and what number are we on the list?

Generally, we have a waiting list for all age groups, as we are fully booked. Priority is given to students who have siblings currently attending our school. Our admissions process does not utilize a numbering system and therefore no child is assigned a specific number on the waiting list. Should a place become available, we will contact you and arrange a meeting.

Once my child is on the waiting list, how will I be kept up to date on the status?

Your login ID and password you received at the time of the application submission, will allow you to check for updates.

Can we call or email your office to inquire about our application status?

No, please do not call or email our school office regarding your application status., as they will not be able to give you any updates. Your login ID and password you received at the time of the application submission, will allow you to check for updates.

What do I do, if I forget my password?

Go to Sign In and you can reset your password by clicking "forgot password".


Is there an application deadline?

There is no application deadline. We do accept applications throughout the year, however admission is based on availability.

Can we come by and take a look at the campus?

We welcome all interested families to visit during our Open House event, which we hold 2 times per year. There you will meet our Heads of Kindergarten and will also have a chance to take a tour of our Invalidenstraße campus.

You can register by clicking the “Open House & Open Classroom" button. Should you already have applied online with BCS and would like to attend, please login with your personal ID & password. Once on your page, under "Quick Links", simply click "Register for an Open Day" to confirm.

How can we arrange an appointment to visit the BCS campus?

Unfortunately, we are unable to meet with all families who would like to visit our campus on an individual basis. Should we have a potential upcoming vacancy in the respective age level, we will invite families on the waiting list for personal interviews.

Our child currently attends BCS Preschool. Do we need to re-apply for BCS Primary School and if so, by when?

Yes, you need to apply to our Primary School. The deadline is July 1st, for all applicants from the BCS Preschool.

Please understand, there is a non-refundable application fee due at the time of the application submission. The fee for each submitted application is 50 EUR. You have the option to pay with a credit card or by a bank transfer.

We already applied online for the Kindergarten & Preschool. How can we also apply for Primary school?

Only one application per child is possible, at one time. You will be given instructions when you should apply for Primary school.